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Advantages of Using Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Units

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In order to maintain the desired temperature and humidity levels in your wine cellar, you need to install a wine cellar refrigeration unit.  These units are designed to control the climate in your wine storage room to make sure that your selection of fine wines mature at optimal conditions.  A wine cellar cooling unit keeps temperature between 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity between 60% to 70%.  Without the presence of a cooling system in your wine cellar, there’s a great chance that the quality of your wines will deteriorate due to exposure to fluctuating conditions.

When choosing a cooling unit for your wine cellar, you need to take into account the size of your storage room, as well as the number of wine bottles in your inventory.  A larger wine cellar would require a unit that has a powerful cooling capacity in order to control the climate.  There are various types of wine cellar cooling systems available on the market, which can make the selection process a little difficult.  Familiarizing yourself with the different features of each wine cellar cooling unit, as well as taking into consideration the size of your wine cellar and inventory, will help you narrow down your choices.

Wine cellar refrigeration units are classified into two:  self-contained and split systems.  They can either be ducted or non-ducted.  Each cooling unit consists of an evaporator and condenser.  Keep in mind that the condenser is the part of your cooling unit that generates noise and requires ample space for ventilation.  Each unit may vary in terms of features, price, and size, but all are capable of regulating temperature and humidity levels in your wine cellar nevertheless.

If you want to make the most out of your money, you can go for ducted wine cellar cooling units.  A ducted unit for wine cellar cooling helps reduce noise and vibration inside your wine storage room because they are installed away from the wine cellar.  You can mount a ducted wine cellar cooling unit in a remote location in your home, such as the basement, attic, or an adjacent utility room.  Cool air is introduced into your wine storage room through ductwork and heat is exhausted in the same manner.

Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Units - High Static Series

Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Units – High Static Series

Single ducted units contain both a condenser and an evaporator.  In a split ducted unit, the evaporator and condenser are housed separately.   These units reduce the level of noise and vibration in your wine storage room because they are ducted away from the wine cellar.  Installing a ducted wine cellar cooling unit is an advantage because it does not take up space and it generates less noise and vibration.  It nurtures your wine collection by stabilizing the climate and it also provides a quiet environment.

These cooling units also come with electronic controls and digital displays that allow you to monitor the climate from the outside.  It is worth noting that your wine cellar should be properly insulated so that your wine cellar refrigeration unit can do its job efficiently.  Vapor barriers should also be installed on the warm side of the cellar walls to prevent moisture infiltration.

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