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Choosing Wine Cellar Cooling Systems New York NY – Consulting with Wine Cellar Companies

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Wine Cellar Companies Choose US Cellar Systems' Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Wine Cellar Companies Choose US Cellar Systems’ Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Wines are one of the few consumable goods that improve over time, provided that they are stored in a dark and stable environment.  Modern wine rooms are equipped with wine cellar cooling systems that help facilitate the proper climate conditions for storing and aging wines.  The core purpose of wine cellar refrigeration systems is to stabilize temperature and humidity and keep them at the optimum levels.

Significant changes in temperature can speed up the aging process and ruin the overall quality of wines.  Unstable humidity levels can dry out the cork and encourage mold infestation that can damage wine labels.  The presence of wine cellar cooling systems New York NY will help prevent fluctuations in a wine cellar environment by regulating temperature within 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit and maintaining humidity between 60 and 75 percent.

Wine cellar cooling systems New York NY are designed to be flexible and adaptable to the uniqueness of each wine storage space.  There are a range of wine cellar cooling systems manufactured by different companies that are out on the market, which can make the selection process quite taxing.  Here are a few helpful tips for choosing a reliable and efficient wine cellar refrigeration system.


Tip #1: Learn the Types of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

First, learn the different types of wine cellar cooling systems, including their features and specifications, as this will help potential buyers make informed decisions.  There are three main categories of cooling units: the ductless split system, the through the wall system, and the ducted system.

A ductless split system consists of two separate mechanical components: the evaporator unit and the condensing unit.  This cooling system promotes whisper quiet air circulation because the condenser (the unit that produces heat and noise) can be installed in a remote location.  The evaporator coil (which is placed inside the wine room) is connected to the condenser via copper tubing and electrical wiring.

Wine cellar cooling systems New York NY with through-the-wall styles are self-contained units that are mounted on the cellar wall and exhaust warm air into a well-ventilated adjacent room.  This refrigeration unit is ideal for small wine cellars.

A ducted system has two types: split and self-contained.  This unit provides maximum flexibility in terms of installation options.  Both types of this ducted system can be installed in a remote location, which will not only eliminate noise and vibration inside the storage space, but also add to the aesthetic value of the room.

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There are Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wine Cellar Cooling System

There are Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wine Cellar Cooling System

Tip #2: Consider Vital Factors

Secondly, take into account the following factors: the amount of insulation, the size and location of the wine cellar space, the number of wine bottles intended for storage, the frequency of door opening and closing, and the ambient conditions.  These variables will help determine the proper size and capacity of the wine cellar climate control system.

Different wine cellar cooling systems have different capacities; some are ideal for small spaces, others function best in larger rooms.  Generally, these factors will also determine the effectiveness of wine storage and wine aging.


Tip #3: Consult with Professionals

Lastly, consult with professional experts from wine cellar companies.  Most wine cellar companies have tie-ups with reputable manufacturers of refrigeration systems.  They have trained technicians that can present a specific set of storage solutions based on preferences and limitations of the client.  Consultants from wine cellar companies will also conduct a heat load calculation to ensure that the selected cooling unit is well-suited to the application.

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Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Company Partners with US Cellar Systems

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Company Partners with US Cellar Systems

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