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Dual-Air Quiet Wine Cellar Cooling Systems – Virtually Quiet Cooling System

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Collecting wines goes beyond amassing cases of the finest labels and simply storing them in any corner of the home.  Starting a wine collection requires one to secure their wines against the adverse effects of temperature, humidity, and light.  Wines age nicely when stored under optimum conditions, but leaving them exposed to external factors can easily deteriorate their quality.

Wine cellars are the ideal location to store a large number of wine bottles for a long period of time.  These storage rooms are equipped with the proper wine cellar cooling systems that help stabilize temperature and humidity levels inside the wine cellar.  The ideal ranges of temperature and humidity for storing wines are 50°F – 59°F and 60% – 75%, respectively.

Wine Cellar Cooling Units from US Cellar Systems

Wine Cellar Cooling Units from US Cellar Systems

Wine cellar cooling units are designed to prevent temperature and humidity fluctuations, in order to maintain the best conditions needed for storing and aging wines over time.  These units come in a range of sizes, configurations, cooling capacities and ducting options.

The wine aging process requires not only a balanced climate, but also a quiet environment.  There is a refrigeration system specifically engineered to meet these requirements.  Dual-Air Quiet Series is a line of quiet wine cellar cooling units that efficiently controls both temperature and humidity while producing low noise levels.

The Dual-Air Quiet wine cellar cooling systems are designed with large sized wine cabinets and walk-in style coolers in mind.  These cooling units are manufactured for storage spaces that are accessed regularly, like the wine cellars built for wine retail stores and others of the hospitality industry.

Quiet Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Quiet Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

The DQ Series is manufactured by US Cellar Systems.  It functions on R134a refrigerant and operates on superior condensing units.  The Dual-Air Quiet system supplies air to the room using a two-way direction that effectively cools the room while return air is exhausted at the bottom.  It features low noise cooling fans, rust-proof aluminum housing, and a pump-down system.

Other popular models for wine cellar cooling units are split systems, ducted self-contained units, and self-contained systems.  As the name suggests, split systems are separated into two sections.  One unit has the evaporator while another has the condenser.  There are two ways to install this cooling system: ducted or ductless setup.

Ducted split systems make use of ducting kits to supply cool air into the wine cellar, as well as exhaust warm air away from it.  A ductless setup utilizes copper tubing and wiring to connect the units together.  Split systems offer various installation options that allow for maximum storage space.

Ducted, self-contained units house both the evaporator and condenser in one unit.  Since air vents are used to circulate air into and away from the room, the cooling unit can be installed some distance away from the wine cellar.  This setup provides more room for storage and has aesthetic benefits as well.

Self-contained quiet wine cellar cooling systems are also known as through the wall systems because installation is as simple as mounting the unit on the wall.  However, this cooling system requires a spacious adjacent room where it can vent warm air.

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US Cellar’s Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units come in different designs which are appropriate for varying applications such as Wine Cabinets, Commercial Wine Cellars and Wall or Ducted Cooling Systems. To make it easier to understand the use cases each Cooling Unit is designed for, we have organized them into the categories below for your convenience.