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The Rewards of Investing in a Quality Wine Room Refrigeration System

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Wines and Wine Room Refrigeration

Wines and Wine Room Refrigeration

Enjoying a glass of good wine whenever you want it is a sign that you are living the good life. On the other hand, some people purchase a bottle of vintage wine not only for the pleasure of consuming it, but also to engage in a long term investment in wine collection. Such an investment should be valued, protected and safe-guarded, in the way one values a house or luxury car.

Popular collectible wines are those with good storage ability, a long period of maturity, and those declared by experts to have the best quality, certified to have undergone a rigorous production process, from selecting the grape variety to finding a suitable barrel for proper aging.

Avid wine collectors have a range of wine varieties to choose from. Some can spend as much as a thousand dollars per bottle, or more. Wines that are produced in the famous vineyards of France, California and Italy are some of the most popular in the field of wine collecting and long-term wine storage.

Why is it Important to Invest in a Wine Room Refrigeration System?

US Cellars' Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

US Cellars’ Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

Every wine connoisseur and enthusiast should know the importance of a wine cellar, as well as the need to invest in wine room refrigeration. The choice of wine cellar refrigeration systems Los Angeles California will make or break your wine collection and, consequently, your investment. Investing in a good quality wine cellar refrigeration system will save you from losing your hard-earned money in the future.

Wines are highly sensitive to changes in storage temperature and humidity. Even the amount of light inside the storage room can significantly affect the temperature, and, through that, the process of wine aging. Because of this, it is very important to store wines in climate controlled wine storage facilities, to allow the flavor, color and aroma of wines to develop well over time.

What are the Basic Components of a Wine Cellar Refrigeration System?

In general, a wine room refrigeration system is composed of a motor, a compressor, a condenser, an expansive valve, an evaporator, and a suitable refrigerant. A refrigerant is a chemically stable and inert compound with desirable thermodynamic properties. The refrigerant in the refrigeration system removes the heat in the air inside the storage room as it is vaporized, and releases the heat outside the storage room as it is condensed.

good quality wine cellar refrigeration system should have a thermally-stable, lubricated motor and an expansion valve that can maintain a constant coil temperature, promoting proper humidity. Furthermore, the system should (ideally) be noiseless, aesthetically unobtrusive with minimum space requirements, and contained in an insulated, rust-proof casing.

Aside from these physical characteristics of an ideal wine cellar refrigeration system, it should be able to achieve and maintain the desired wine storage conditions to preserve the quality of wines and bring them to their fullest potential.

What Can US Cellar Systems Offer?

US Cellar Systems - The Wine Cellar Refrigeration Expert of Choice

US Cellar Systems – The Wine Cellar Refrigeration Expert of Choice

US Cellar Systems is one of the well-known innovators of wine cellar refrigeration systems in Los Angeles California, providing quality service for all wine room refrigeration needs. Services we provide include the supply of innovative equipment to the trade and through our network of experienced contractors, installation of customized wine cellar refrigeration systems into residential and commercial wine cellars, wine cabinets and wine closets, restaurant wine bars and wine rooms, hotel wine tasting rooms, and any other facility designed for the storage and aging of wines.

The state-of-the-art refrigeration systems of US Cellar Systems can guarantee that the wines within storage will be exposed to the optimum temperature and humidity levels. This means that the wine cellar refrigeration systems we offer are highly capable of providing the best climate controlled environment for the preservation of wines. This also means that your investments in wines will all be worth it, and even reap more money should reselling of  said wines be considered.

About Wine Cellar Cooling Expert

Dan Phillips has in excess of 40 years manufacturing and installation experience in the refrigeration industry including: industrial manufacturing, residential and commercial installation, research and design, and for the last 10 years specialized experience in Wine Cellar Construction.

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US Cellar’s Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units come in different designs which are appropriate for varying applications such as Wine Cabinets, Commercial Wine Cellars and Wall or Ducted Cooling Systems. To make it easier to understand the use cases each Cooling Unit is designed for, we have organized them into the categories below for your convenience.