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The Right Time to Replace Your Wine Cellar Cooling System

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The wine cellar cooling system plays a very crucial role in preserving wine’s quality. Great taste, flavor, and aroma indicate that the wine you are drinking was stored and aged in a custom wine cellar installed with the right wine refrigeration system.

Just like any other machines, refrigeration systems have the tendency to wear out as time goes by. As a wine collector, it is important to make sure that your wine cellar cooling unit is always in good condition if you want to preserve the quality of your precious wines.

Now, how would you know if your wine cooling equipment is 100% in good working condition? Sometimes you don’t need to be a professional technician in order to figure out that something is wrong with the air cooling equipment. Here are some indications that would raise a red flag.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Custom Wine Cellar Cooling System

Listen to the sound of your wine cooling equipment. In every sound that you will hear, there will be a distinct sound that would tell or indicate a certain problem. A rattling sound would mean that one of the panels has broken free or the fan blade/motor is rubbing against something.

Constantly Check Your Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

If you hear a squealing high pitch sound from your air cooling system, this could mean that the fan belt has worn out. A gurgling sound may be a result of a low refrigerant in the evaporator or condenser foil. If you hear a hissing noise it may be a sign that there’s a refrigerant leak.

A constant check on your wine cellar refrigeration system is the best way to make sure that it’s working properly. Wine is susceptible to sudden changes in temperature. A sudden rise and fall will greatly affect the wine’s taste, flavor, and aroma.

High temperature will cause the wine to mature too early while a cooler temperature can ruin the wine’s taste. Always make sure that the thermostat is checked. Make sure it’s always calibrated.

The door gasket of the wine cooling system is as essential as the other components that you can see within the wine cooling equipment. A broken door gasket can be disastrous to your precious wine collections. Once broken, it can cause inaccurate measurement of temperature that would make the wine mature early.

Professional care is recommended if you want to make sure that your precious wine collections are stored safely in a climate-controlled environment. The tips mentioned above will help you determine the right time to replace your wine cooling system.

Need help in choosing a reliable and quiet wine cellar cooling system for your custom wine cellar? US Cellar Systems can help you. Their products have been used by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars in their California custom wine cellar projects. Contact them at (562) 513-3017 or click here to view their products.

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