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Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Troubleshooting

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Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Units in California

Wine Storage Needs: A Cellar Cooling Unit That Functions Properly

Custom wine cellars in Los Angeles, California need to have wine cellar cooling units installed, so that the wines can effectively be kept safe and are allowed to age properly. A wine cellar cooling system is completely different from a regular air conditioning system, because it is specifically configured to provide the conditions that wines need for storage.

Many problems can arise from a home custom wine cellar cooling unit that fails to function properly. In this article, learn about a few common problems that arise with wine cellar refrigeration systems and how to deal with them.

Troubleshooting Your Wine Cellar Cooling Unit in California

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Troubleshooting

Licensed HVAC Professional

The best way to take care of issues with a residential custom wine cellar cooling unit is to have a licensed HVAC professional fix it for you. The following gives you an idea of what trained professionals do when they troubleshoot a cellar cooling unit. This list is not comprehensive, and is not intended to replace the training required to troubleshoot cooling systems.

Here are the common complaints regarding wine cellar refrigeration systems, probable causes of the problems, and the appropriate responses:

1. The Cooling Unit is not Running

There are several reasons why a wine cellar cooling unit is not running. With any problem, always consider the simplest and most obvious causes first. For this situation, check the power cord. If it is unplugged, the simple solution is to plug the cord back in.

Another reason the unit may not be running is a lack of power flow through the unit, even when the power cord is plugged in. In cases like this, check the power at the receptacle and the fuses. You might also want to check for incorrect or loose wirings and connections.

Other common causes for this complaint include setting the temperature higher than the ambient temperature, and having the differential set too high. If the ambient temperature is lower than the set temperature on the unit, simply lower the temperature setting. If it’s the differential that’s causing the unit to malfunction, simply decrease the differential value to 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Constant Temperature Fluctuations

When everything else in the home custom wine cellar is checked and alright, yet the temperature is still constantly fluctuating, the problem is usually with the air sensor.

When an air sensor is used, the temperature in the cellar is controlled mainly by the average air temperature inside the storage room. If the set point is 55 degrees Fahrenheit with the differential 4F, the cooling unit automatically turns on when the air temperature reaches 59 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit also turns off when the air temperature goes back to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature, therefore, is 57 degrees Fahrenheit, which is within the ideal range for proper wine storage. Air is light enough to change rapidly, so it maintains a relatively constant average temperature. This way, the temperature of the wines is not affected.

3. Cooling Unit Operating Too Noisily

There are many reasons a cooling unit would be too noisy. One common cause is when the mounting area for the unit is not firm. It is important to add support, to improve the unit’s installation and eliminate the noise.

A wine cellar refrigeration unit can function noisily if it has loose parts. Before turning it on, check the fan blades, the bearings, the cabinet washers, the tubing contact, and the screws. Also fasten all loose parts, to eliminate the noise.

If the noise is due to malfunctioning components of the cooling unit, it is imperative that you call the unit provider’s service center to have the unit checked.

4. Water Leakage

When the humidity is too high, water leakage is common in a custom wine cellar cooling unit. Deal with this by using a drain line. Sometimes, the leak can be due to the unit’s water passages being blocked or restricted. You simply need to clean the drip tray to clear the restriction.

5. Fan Motor is Running but the Compressor is Not

This commonly happens when the fan is running on post-compressor mode. Deal with this by checking fan running time FON.

There are times when the compressor is not operating while the fan is running, if the power supply used is incorrect. You need to check for proper voltage. You need to consider also loose wirings and connections.

There are cases when this problem is due to having liquid refrigerant in the compressor. If this happens, call the refrigeration unit’s service provider for OEM information.

6. Compressor is Running but the Fan is Not

The fan may not be running because its blades are stuck. Check the fan blades for proper clearance, and get the fan working again. Loose or incorrect wiring may also be a cause, so make sure that you check all wirings. If the motor has malfunctioned, you will need to call the unit’s service provider to have them check for open or shorted windings.

7. Circuit Tripping

The circuit may trip for various reasons, but the most common is having incorrect fuse/breakers and wirings. Before you turn on a wine cellar cooling unit, you should first check if the proper fuse/breaker is used and also asses all the wirings and connections.If problem still persists, it is important that you call ur unit provider’s service center for assistance.

Quality Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems in California

The brand or type of cooling unit can be the cause of cooling troubles in your custom wine cellar. A substandard wine cellar cooling unit can cause more damage than good to your wines. In order to avoid the common wine cellar refrigeration system problems, it is important that you purchase only quality wine cellar refrigeration units in Los Angeles, California.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems by US Cellars

US Cellar Systems – Cooling Units in California

US Cellar Systems is one of the leading providers of residential custom wine cellar cooling systems in Los Angeles, California. Not only are their products guaranteed to be high quality, they also provide reliable technical services, such as the installation of units, and troubleshooting dysfunctional cooling systems. For more information about their products and services, contact US Cellar Systems today, at (562) 513-3017.

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