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Dallas Fort Worth Wine Cellar Cooling – Westlake Project

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Check out this very cool new custom wine cellar build by one of our best wine cellar builders in Dallas fort Worth in Texas.  As well as installing an RM2600 wine cellar cooling unit and doing a great job of building it into the racking in an elegant way, Wine Cellar Specialists added an amazing carousel wine racking system.  This system does a great job of recovering what is normally a dead space in the cornet of the racking, is we think a very smart idea!

The RM 2600 is a split wine refrigeration system enables a quieter and more efficient wine cellar.

See the full project details here Westlake TX – Residential Custom Wine Cellars Dallas Fort Worth

Take a look at this video where Nancy Noga, one of our top wine cellar refrigeration designers talks through the project and see for yourself!

Dallas Fort Worth Custom Wine Cellars – Westlake TX – Part 1
When you see the video we are sure you will agree that there’s a ton of cool features to this wine room design.  Nancy at Wine Cellar Specialists used her artistic, as well as technical talents to create an exceptional design using a combination of features.  Some of the key features include a hand carved grape vine display arch, a glass rack coupled with a wine glass ‘stemware’ rack, label forward horizontal displays for magnum wine bottles, double deep solid ‘X’ cubes for case lot storage along with standard 750ml racking.

Also you can check out her other designs in their Wine Cellar Design Gallery Page.

And all this in a room only 6.5 feet by 7 feet, it’s certainly certainly jam packed with features!

About Wine Cellar Cooling Expert

Dan Phillips has in excess of 40 years manufacturing and installation experience in the refrigeration industry including: industrial manufacturing, residential and commercial installation, research and design, and for the last 10 years specialized experience in Wine Cellar Construction.

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