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Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems – How It Works

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Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems – How It Works (A Processed Video Transcription)


US Cellar Systems’ Wine Cellar Refrigeration System – How It Works

 Hello! My name is Dan Phillips, owner and technical adviser for US Cellar Systems, provider of wine cellar refrigeration systems.  Today, we are going to go over the basic components of a wine cellar refrigeration system and how a wine cellar refrigeration system works.  This will give you an idea of how a refrigeration system for your wine cellar operates.

Our primary components are: number one, the compressor; number two, the condenser; number three, the metering device; number 4, the evaporator coil.

Basic Components of a Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

Basic Components of a Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

The refrigeration cycle starts with the compressor which brings in a low pressure, low temperature gas from the evaporator coil, compresses into a high pressure, high temperature gas, and then forces it into the condenser, where the condenser condenses this high pressure, high temperature gas into a high pressure, warm liquid.  It does this either by moving air across the coil or some other medium can be used to take the heat out of the refrigerant.

Then this high pressure, warm liquid will move through the system to the metering device.  The metering device causes a drop in pressure, where it goes from a high pressure, high temperature liquid to a low pressure, low temperature liquid, at which moving in to the evaporator it absorbs heat from the room; and just about the reverse process of what the condenser does by the warmer air coming in across the evaporator coil, the heat being absorbed out of it and then the cooler air is returned back to the room.

This process turns the liquid refrigerant back in to your low pressure, low temperature gas, and are recharged back to the compressor to repeat the cycle.

US Cellar Systems

US Cellar Systems

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About Wine Cellar Cooling Expert

Dan Phillips has in excess of 40 years manufacturing and installation experience in the refrigeration industry including: industrial manufacturing, residential and commercial installation, research and design, and for the last 10 years specialized experience in Wine Cellar Construction.

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